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In January 2023, we will be merging VoxVM directly into NodeSpace Hosting so that we can provide a better hosting experience! Your current hosting & VPS accounts will not be changing. The only difference is a new user portal to access and manage your support & invoices. Behind the scenes, VoxVM has already been integrated into NodeSpace – we’re just completing the transition.

All new services will be purchased through NodeSpace starting December 1, 2022. Current clients will continue to manage and pay for existing services at

We are excited about this change as we unify our brands and become a stronger, better company offering higher quality services!

What happened? Did VoxVM get purchased?

No, VoxVM is still owned and operated by Xinsto, LLC (NodeSpace Hosting). We acquired VoxVM over a year ago in September 2021. When we do an acquisition, we keep things “business as usual” and continue to let the brand run as is. However, we started this process back in the Spring of 2022 – like when we added USA web hosting which is actually in our NodeSpace data center. As VoxVM continues to grow, we’ve had to try and balance our team between NodeSpace and VoxVM. But trying to manage tickets and tackle issues affecting one brand while trying to tackle tickets from another and having to jump between multiple billing systems and control panels wasn’t really working anymore. NodeSpace has been operating since 2010, and has a very good reputation, it just made sense that we merge VoxVM into the NodeSpace brand.

Is anything going to change about my service?

VoxVM and NodeSpace plans are actually very similar. The only thing changing about your service is that it will now closely match NodeSpace plan offerings, but at your VoxVM price. This is because VoxVM services are now considered “legacy” but have been brought into line with NodeSpace standards.

I have a renewal coming up – where will I pay it?

We don’t have an exact date in January when we’re cutting over, but if your renewal is between now and January then you will login at to make your payment. If you have a renewal in February or later in 2023, then you will make a payment through the NodeSpace customer portal. VoxVM and NodeSpace utilize the same payment processors so you can keep using your preferred one.