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If you need to change your private nameserver IP address, follow this guide. Note: This guide is only for domains purchased through VoxVM. If you didn't purchase your domain from VoxVM, ask the place you purchased your domain from on how to setup private nameservers.

Update Nameserver IP address

  1. Login to your VoxVM account and select Domains, My Domains.

  2. Select the domain that you want to add private nameservers to.

    (Click in any empty space - clicking on the domain will open your website)

  3. Under Manage, click on Private Nameservers.

  4. Under Modify a NameServer IP, type in the prefix of the nameserver you're updating. Type in the OLD IP address that you're changing and then in the last box, type in the NEW IP address you're updating the record to. Click on Save Changes.

  5. Now go to where your DNS is hosted for your domain. Edit the A record for the nameserver IP you updated. In cPanel, you can do this from the DNS Zone Editor.

  6. That's it! The IP address of your nameserver will automatically update.

DNS settings can take 24-48 hours to update globally!

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