United States Hosting Available For Transfers

  • 4th May 2022
Our United States location, powered by NodeSpace Hosting, is now available. Right now, we are transferring accounts that would like to transfer to the US. Our server there is located in North Carolina, and is identical to our cPanel servers in the UK. There's no cost difference to transfer - you'll have the same plan, the same features! Please ...
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IPv6 coming soon to all VPS customers

  • 14th April 2022
We're excited to announce that we're in the final testing stages of adding IPv6 to our VPS platform and we're soon going to start the rollout of IPv6 to all new and existing VPS customers. We will be allocating a /112, or 65,536 IPv6 addresses, to each VPS. The rollout is going to be gradual. When you see that you have been assigned IPv6 in ...
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Shared Hosting Backups Reseed to New Storage Location

  • 28th March 2022
We are in process of moving our shared hosting backups to new storage. Part of this process is reseeding backups equal to the number of days that we retain backups. We retain 14 days worth of backups which means that for the next two weeks, backups may take longer to complete and you'll notice less recovery points within JetBackup. As soon as the ...
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USA hosting location available soon

  • 21st March 2022
We are excited to announce that our USA-based hosting location is going to be ready in mid-to-late April! Hosted in the NodeSpace data center in North Carolina, we are going to be allowing hosting accounts to be created in either our London, UK location or North Carolina location. For our customers who already have hosting in London, you will be ...
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